HSSA is pleased to be part of the Immaculata University Psychology Internship Consortium, an APA accredited internship, organized and monitored by the Immaculata’s Psychology and Counseling Department. The Consortium provides doctoral internships for Immaculata’s Psy.D. clinical doctoral candidates.  HSSA also provides advanced psychology practicum training in psychotherapy and psychological assessment for area graduate programs.

HSSA’s predoctoral internship and practicum programs in psychology provide a comprehensive and flexible training opportunity tailored to the trainee’s experience and goals for professional development.  Based on a practitioner-scholar model, we strive to deliver training based upon sound research, outcome measures and use of accepted, evidence-based interventions and assessment tools. We provide a planned, sequential training program that contributes to ongoing excellence in the field of psychology. 


HSSA’s training programs in psychological assessment foster skill development in clinical interviewing and psychological assessment that follows a sequence of training experiences, each building upon previously acquired skills. Trainees will be responsible for all phases of psychological assessment, including determination of measures, clinical interview, administration and scoring of neuropsychological and psychological tests, and production of written report.  Trainees will also provide individual, group and family psychotherapy and intake evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults of diverse backgrounds and presenting symptoms and needs.  Additionally, trainees also have the opportunity provide to engage in program development and participate in court experiences related to forensic evaluations.

We strive to embrace the different areas of strength and interest of each trainee and promote flexibility in the training program. Trainees be guided in maintaining a high level of professionalism and ethics in services provided. The trainee will receive a broad array of training in a variety of services and settings, with a diverse population. Though primarily operating out of the Lancaster office, trainees have the option to provide additional services at other sites including Bethany Children’s Home and our outpatient offices in Allentown and Harrisburg Area. There are also opportunities for gaining additional experiences through area agencies such as mental health providers and Juvenile Justice System.

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